Mason Logo Review

List of Mason-owned logos and graphics
George Mason University Trademarks

George Mason University owns the rights to these logos and graphics. Use of any of these logos by organizations outside Mason is reviewed and approved by Creative Services.


In partnership with Mason's Office of University Counsel, Creative Services reviews and approves requests for a third-party to use Mason's logo. 

What is an Admin 1130 review?

Are you working with other sponsors to put on an event? Has a third-party organization expressed interest in collaborating for a speaker series or initiative? In these cases and more, your partners may request to use the Mason logo on their marketing materials. All organizations external to Mason (third-parties) must receive prior approval from Creative Services to use the Mason logo.

What projects should I submit for review?

  • Any request from an organization outside George Mason University to use the Mason logo, unit logo, or other trademarked graphic
  • Any contract with an outside organization that includes Mason name or logo use

How do I submit a request for review?

To request a review, send an email to and include "Admin 1130" in the subject line. Allow three business days for us to review your materials and provide feedback.

Please include the follow information

  • Specific information on how the Mason logo would be used

    • Where will the logo be placed?
    • How long will the organization be displaying the logo?
    • Will the Mason logo be used alone or paired with other marks?
  • How Mason is connected to the project/outside organization (vendor, partner, sponsor, etc.)
  • If applicable, please attach the contract or original written request

Where can I find more information?

The full policy is available on the university's policy website, Use of the University’s Trademarks.

Still have questions? Contact us at