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George Mason University Logos

The primary graphic element used to identify the university and all of its activities, programs, services, and affiliates is the logo. The logo is the foundation of our visual identity and must be used on all communications internally and externally. The elements of the logo have been carefully considered and cannot be re-created or reconfigured. The name “George Mason University” is a set of specially drawn letter forms and cannot be set in any other typeface.

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Mason Primary Logo


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The primary logo will be used to identify the university on all communications (print, digital, electronic, imprinted premiums, and work apparel). The logo should be used prominently on the front of all publications and other media such as displays, advertising, and websites. Prominently placed doesn’t necessarily mean the largest visual object on the page, but sized sufficiently to be easily seen and recognized as a communication coming from George Mason University.

The logo should be placed at the top left or bottom right of the cover or face of a publication. As you read top to bottom, left to right, the logo will be the first or last item on the page. Properly placed and sized, the university logo verifies to the reader that the piece is an official communication from the university and reinforces the George Mason brand.

The logo is scalable but should never be reproduced smaller than 0.625 inches (3p9pt) in width. Do not re-create the logo.




Allowed color combinations for the logo are green with the top quill element in gold, white (or reversed out) with the top quill element in gold, entirely black, entirely white, or entirely green. Do not screen, emboss, outline, or apply any other special effects when placing the file. If the logo is placed over a photo or solid area of color be sure to choose the logo color that provides the best contrast. Effective visual identity means users or readers know immediately via correct logo use and placement that they are viewing or reading a communication from George Mason University.


Secondary University Logos and Marks

The secondary university logos are reserved for communications targeting current students and internal audiences only. They are intended for more informal communications and merchandise imprints such as pens, T-shirts, and coffee mugs when the primary logo would be smaller than 0.625 inches. While the secondary logos are more limited in usage, they are registered marks of the university and may not be altered or combined with other text and graphics to make a new logo. The secondary marks are never a substitute for the primary university logo and require approval prior to using.

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Logo with Unit Name

To ensure visual identity integrity and maintain the strength of the brand, the primary logo should be the only logo on the cover of a publication. Unit signatures identifying schools, colleges, administrative offices, or programs have been developed for use on internal communications and as supplementary logos in external publications (mailing panels, back covers, staff and contact text boxes in newsletters and magazines).

Unit logos are set with TheSans B6 semi-bold in a strictly defined size, kerning, and line length and therefore must be created by Creative Services. Do not make your own unit logos; for digital files (jpeg, tiff, png, or eps) of your unit signature submit a request via email to

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The University Seal

The university seal use is restricted to high-level, university-wide activities and events such as our annual commencement exercises. It also serves as an endorsement or certification from the university on official documents such as diplomas, and certificates of award, merit, or service. It may be used on materials for special occasions such as high-level donor events, alumni recognition events, or university-wide special events. Please email Creative Services at for permission to use the seal. Please include a description of the event and intended use.

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Athletics Logos and Marks

Athletics logos are restricted to athletics-related marketing and communications. They should not be used on printed materials or websites that promote academics or university programs and services. The George Mason logo and the athletics logo are rarely used together (top level university announcements or co-sponsored events marketing) and the athletics and spirit marks are never a substitute for the university logo on marketing materials.

The Patriot mark is an official athletics logo; however, its use may extend to marketing initiatives involving school spirit (Homecoming and Alumni Weekend ads).

For permission to use the athletics logo, call the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at 703-993-3271.

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Altering Our Logos and Marks

On the previous pages, we covered the various university logos and marks. All of our marks are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Registering our marks protects them from being picked up by nonuniversity entities and used for conducting nonuniversity business, marketing, or communications. That same protection requires that the university not alter its registered marks in any fashion. That means you can’t take all or part of a logo and combine it with other art or wording to make a new logo. Following are some examples.

altering logos



Unsupported Logos and Marks

Following are retired or unsupported logos. Retired marks still belong to the university but are being taken out of circulation to focus on marks that do support the brand profile. Unsupported marks are sub-brands created outside the brand standards and do not support university marketing and messaging. People generally create sub-brands as a way to differentiate their unit or program. Every university activity, service, or program falls under the university’s brand profile.

Unsupported Logos