Faculty and Staff


Everyone who dedicates their work to making Mason work—from professors in the classroom and lab to our safety and security personnel, from coaches, career counselors, and admissions staff to senior administrators.


The Strategic Goal: strengthen a sense of connection to the university and a shared understanding of mission.


Our Communications Goals

  • Emphasize partnership in an enterprise of excellence.
  • Build consensus around a vision for Mason’s future and the strategic steps to reach it.
  • Fuel feelings of pride.
  • Keep people informed—aware of university news, services, events, and initiatives.
  • Help faculty and staff members see themselves as advocates for Mason, spreading the good news.


All Mason’s Key Messages apply to this audience.


Just as with current students, it may seem that faculty already know Mason and its strengths. In reality, we can always do better, making more people aware of great things happening a few buildings away and articulating key points such as “innovative” or “accessible” more fully and consistently so that they become a clear part of our self-image and a way people think about their work.