All those who invest in Mason, from annual fund supporters to major gift benefactors, to corporate and foundation partners and all those we see as potential investors.


The Strategic Goal: position Mason as a philanthropic priority and energize those who feel strongly about Mason to act on their feelings and give.


Communications Goals

  • Build awareness of Mason’s mission and impact.
  • Build excitement for Mason’s vision for the future.
  • Emphasize the ROI Mason delivers and show the impact of specific gifts.
  • Present many compelling opportunities for investment.
  • Educate potential donors on the importance of private support to a public university.


All Mason’s Key Messages apply to this audience. Raising awareness of the Mason Nation is important to alumni, parents, and friends, but not institutional or corporate donors. The strengths of Mission-Driven, Vision and Momentum, and Outcomes and Impact are particularly important.


The audience of potential donors spans an enormous range, from a foundation interested in advancing research in a particular field to a sports fan who wants to help the basketball team. Certain key approaches, however, apply in all cases. We want to present clear opportunities for investment—specific projects and ways of giving. We want to paint a picture of the benefit supporting these priorities will bring. And, we want to emphasize Mason’s mission and impact. This core ties all the diverse donors and opportunities together and makes Mason worth investing in.