Community and Government Leaders


The policy makers and decision makers, particularly in Fairfax County, Richmond, and Washington, whose opinions influence everything from grant funding to land-use zoning.


The Strategic Goal: position Mason as an institution worth supporting, partnering with, and turning to for expertise.


Our Communications Goals

  • Broaden recognition for Mason and increase awareness of our stature.
  • Highlight Mason’s impact on the local community, the region, the commonwealth,
    and the world.
  • Build understanding of Mason’s mission and its value.
  • Highlight Mason’s impact as an economic driver, research leader, partner to industry,
    cultural resource, and source of educational opportunity.


All Mason’s Key Messages apply to this audience. The strengths of Mission-Driven, Vision and Momentum, and Outcomes and Impact are particularly important.


In many ways influential leaders are like any other members of the general public. They will make decisions about George Mason University based on how much they know about us and whether they think we’re a good school. The difference is that these leaders are also likely to look at the big picture—to understand the value of a research university to industry and a region; to appreciate the importance of accessibility as an issue in American higher education; and to value an institution that can be a major provider of talent to the workforce. These are all topics we can speak to more than effectively.