All the men and women who have earned Mason degrees including the majority who still live and work in the greater Washington, D.C., area, and those far beyond, those who remember Mason’s earliest days and those just a year or two out.


The Strategic Goal: make all our graduates proud to tell the world where they went to school—before anyone even asks


Our Communications Goals

  • Build awareness of Mason today and all its strengths.
  • Inspire involvement in the alumni community and the life of the university.
  • Create a sense of connection with the Mason of today and our current students.
  • Raise awareness of opportunities for involvement.


All Mason’s Key Messages apply to this audience. In particular, we want to stress strengths: Vision and Momentum, including the remarkable narrative of progress that spans our five decades. The strengths of Academic Quality and Research of Consequence are key for validating Mason as a respected institution of significant stature.


Communications to alumni should honor Mason’s past and celebrate its present and future. They should feature personal stories that offer the chance for connection and identification with fellow alumni and with students and faculty of today. They should also feature clear invitations to visit, take part in alumni gatherings and university events, offer internships and hire Mason students, and join leadership groups.