Mason Photos and Videos

Creative Services Photo and Video Team

Our photography team is responsible for capturing the visual story of George Mason University. We cover the people, places, activities, and events that capture the Mason Nation and support the university's communication and marketing efforts. Our photo and video b-roll is available to the campus community—visit to see the collection.

Using University-Owned Media

  • University-owned media may be used by faculty and staff for official university projects and by students for classroom assignments and school projects. All other uses must be approved by OCM.
  • Prior approval from OCM is required before any university-owned media is digitally altered in a manner that changes its editorial representation.
  • University-owned media used in print and electronic publications should be credited with the name of the photographers/videographer and George Mason University wherever possible.
  • University-owned media may be used for educational purposes, to inform the community, and to promote the university.
  • University-owned media may not be sold, in part or in total, or used for commercial gain by third parties.

Request Photo or Video Support

To request photography or videography support, please use our project request form.

Please note that demand for our services routinely exceeds our capacity. If we are unable to take on your project, we can help you find alternative resources.

Media Forms

  • Third-Party License and Use Agreement—For use by third-party organizations that want to film on campus. Contact for more information.
  • Subject Release Form—This form states the the person being photographed, filmed, or providing a quote understands that this material will be used by the University for promotional and editorial purposes and they consent to having their likeness used in this way.
  • Producer Release Form—For use with outside contractors to give the university ownership or the right to reproduce a photo, video, or other piece of content.

COVID-19 Considerations

In response to the pandemic and the University's Safe Return to Campus guidelines, we are following these best practices to help photo and video professionals at the University do their job while adhering to University policy:

  • Whenever possible, photo and video shoots will be held outdoors
  • Indoor shoots will require large indoor spaces where 6 ft of physical distance can be maintained
  • We will limit the amount of time we spend with the subject or colleagues/crew and and the number of people on site for a session
  • We will follow all space occupancy guidelines
  • For safety, we will disinfect equipment before and after use and will follow university policy regarding masks, social distancing.
  • For shoots on campus, everyone must take the Mason Covid Health Check, and have a "green" Covid Health Check confirmation prior to coming to campus
  • Whenever possible, the subject being photographed or filmed should be wearing an approved face covering. Requests for filming a subject without a face covering must be reviewed by department leadership prior to shooting. 


The health and safety of our community is our biggest priority. If during our photo/video shoot you or the photographer/videographer feel that the conditions are not safe, either one can end the shoot and reschedule at any time.