George Mason University Logo

The primary logo will be used to identify the university on all communications (print, digital, electronic, imprinted premiums, and work apparel). The logo should be used prominently on the front of all publications and other media such as displays, advertising, and websites.

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The Mason M

The M expands your design options while keeping within brand profile guidelines. The M is not mandatory. But you must use it in compliance with the brand profile guidelines (i.e., you may not combine it with other type to create a graphic). Additionally the M never replaces the university’s primary logo as an identifier.

Examples of the Mason M in layout



Graphic Elements

To help provide depth and interest in layouts, the brand includes a library of graphic elements inspired by Mason landmarks. There are no “owners” of the elements. It makes sense when specifically talking about a particular campus or programs or facilities exclusive to a campus to use the element from that campus. However, if you are communicating about the university in a broader, all-inclusive way, you are free to use any or all of the elements. We will be adding to this collection over time.

Samples of Mason's available graphic elements